Texas Red Dirt Pub Crawl 2018

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Well, the adventure has been had. We went, we drank, we conquered, as well as other things. This blog is a change we're working with to give people the place to submit articles and comment about the experience.

Those involved with the trip

Thank you to all of you that were apart of making this trip possible. You know who you are and you also know there's a lot of you. Without busting out a full page of thank you's to specific people I'd like to do an overall thank you to everyone from the artists, the fans, the locals, the help, the other help and to the head peeps. Everyone put in blood sweat and tears and it paid off. Twas enjoyable without any major tragedies.

Updates and Changes to Come

Welcome back to Texas everyone. As I'm sure you know if you were on the trip with us, traveling and living in another country is very fun and exciting, but also very tiring. There was drink, and songs and fun and now that we're back home we're ready for some rest. The Texas Red Dirt Pub Crawl team will meet sometime in these next few weeks to recap our last trip, get some content out and work on the groundwork for 2019. Till then please stay posted and feel free to share your experiences with everyone and tell them about your trip. Until we meet again. Slainte


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