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Supporting veterans with drug free options through music.

Supporting musicians with promotion in new areas globally.

Bint Productions hosts Texas Music Jubilee in Kilkenny, Ireland and Texas Red Dirt Beach Crawl in Maui, Hawaii.  Musicians, veterans, and fans come together to share music globally and participate in drug free solutions to PTSD and other symptoms afflicting our veterans by sharing in co-writing and performing for longtime fans and new to the groove locals.


Bint Production Alumni

Sarah Hobbs, Caleb Shirtum, Mike McClure, Dirty River Boys, Nino Cooper, Marco Gutierrez, Mike Webb, Matt Hillyer, Jesse Jennings

Kaitlin Butts, Bri Bagwell, AJ Johnston, James Greenlee, Deanna Wheeler, TJ Broscoff, Cleto Cordero, Chris Hausler, Ben McPherson

Buck Fuffalo, Bronco Jr., Justin Ross, Hayden Vitera, Walt Wilkins, Brandon Stedman, Joey Green, William Clark Green, Roger Creager

Josh Abbott, Bart Crow, Tanner Usrey, Wade Bowen, Cody Canada, Seth James, Rich O'Toole, Jessica Murray, Josh Weathers

Mark McKinney, Steve Helms, Copper Chief, John Joseph Jammal, Justin Lusk, Rio Tripiano, Mike Stanley, Midnight River Choir

Eric Middleton, George Talbert, Bob Driver III, Kevin Galloway, Mike Valliere, Brian Milson, Brent Michael Wood, Aaron Copeland

Ryan Ross, Bjorn Johnson, Robynn Shayne, Chad Prather, Austin Allsup, Randy Brown

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